Melanie McCready School of Dance


Welcome to the Melanie McCready School of Dance which was established in 1989 in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.  We would like to take this opportunity to explain a little bit about the background of the shcool.

Melanie was trained formerly by Sheridan Nicol - Jazzart Motherwell then The Theatre School of Dance and Drama.

On leaving school she was one of the few to be awarded a grant that allowed her to complete three years full time training at the highly respected Theatre School of Dance and Drama in Edinburgh.  This training covered all aspects of dance including Classical Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Jazz as well as acting.

On graduating she moved into professional performance.  The next ten years saw her achieve her goals of working as a professional dancer, actress and singer in theatre and TV.

During this time she worked with leading choreographers in Britain performing in various summer seasons, pantomimes and cabarets.  Also choroegraphing numerous shows for various Youth Theatres.

Melanie has also been singing professionally for a number of years in various bands.


It is this experience of professional theatre and the various techniques and ideas picked up along the way that can be passed on to her students.

As a full Fellow and Examiner for  the Scottish Dance Teachers' Alliance, Melanie's students can be sure that they are being taught to the highest possible standard by a fully qualified professional. Thus ensuring that all exams and grades are both fair and recognized by other professional bodies.


Dancing is fun for all ages and our Dancercise fitness class caters for adults who wish to keep fit in a fun way.  Dancercise is an easy to follow dance class of various styles.

Whether you want to dance for fitness, pleasure, or as a profession the aim of the shcool is to cater for all.  It is Melanie's commitment to maintaining and improving the standards already set in her school that means you can be guaranteed that proper teaching, safety and enjoyment will be of prime improtance, 



Melanie McCready                                             F.S.D.T.A  M.S.D.T.A  Theatre + Ballet             A.S.D.T.A  Contemporary     A.S.D.T.A   Acrobatics 

Laura Sutherland                                            A.S.D.T.A  Theatre  +Contemporary

Ashleigh Sneddon                                           A.S.D.T.A  Theatre  


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